Board Meeting Minutes – August 28, 2018

I. Call to Order- Meeting called to order by Supervisor Jager at 6:05 pm at Holton Township Hall
II. Pledge of Allegiance given by all present
III. Roll Call of Board Members- Present: Supervisor Jager, Trustee Jager, Clerk Hippler. Treasurer Halbower arrived late. Absent: Trustee Schroeder.
IV. Set agenda
a. Removal of Brant application for discussion.
b. Adjustment of applications review time schedule and business from the floor to allow time for public questions.
V. Business From the floor
a. Charlene Spaulding, Director of Holton Community Center- Questions on Master Plan. Concerns over facilities.
b. Cheyenne Williams, Brunswick Road- On Planning Commission. Welcomes and encourages public comment and input on Master Plan.
c. Bob Dausman, Brunswick Road- Facilities should be more heavily taxed to maximize benefit to community.
d. Leon Slater, Brunswick Road-facilities will bring jobs and revenue to help schools.
e. Angel Coon, Third Street-sees a benefit to the growing facilities and encourages the board to approve them, is open to decision on provisioning centers.
VI. Review of Applications
a. Atlas Presentation- requesting 3 Class C growing licenses, 1 Processing Center License, no current plans for a Provisioning Center. Property is owned on Maple Island road in Holton Public School District. Hopes to employ up to 50 people first year.
b. Damon Hooper/Bio Bloom Health Corporation Presentation- Presentation given with Justin Dunaskis. Requesting 2 Provisioning Centers, 1 Processing Center, and 1 Grow Facility license. Two properties located on Holton Road, one owned the other under contract. Two Provisioning Centers will be located at separate properties. One Provisioning center will operate a community education center.
c. Agri-Med Presentation- Presentation given by Greg Maki and Eric Smith. Requesting 1 Grow Facility, 1 Processing Center, and 1 Provisioning Center license. Property owned on Maple Island Road. Provisioning Center will be discreet.
VII. Close of Meeting to Public Comment
a. 08280118 Motion made by Treasure Halbower to close the meeting to public discussion. Second by Trustee Jager. Voice vote; Motion Carried.
VIII. Board Discussion
a. 08280218 Motion made by Trustee Jager to grant Atlas 3 Class C Grow Licenses, 1 Processing Facility License. Second by Treasurer Halbower.
i. Treasurer Halbower noted the property had plenty of acreage to support facility. Application was well researched. Trustee Jager had concerns over fencing material. Treasurer Halbower and Supervisor Jager noted that fencing style/structure may be mandated by the State.
ii. Roll Call Vote: Supervisor Jager: Yes Treasurer Halbower: Yes Clerk Hippler: Yes Trustee Jager: Yes. Motion to grant licenses carried.
b. 08280318 Motion made by Trustee Jager to grant Bio Bloom Health Corporation 1 Growing Facility license, 2 Provisioning Center licenses, and 1 Processing Center license. Second by Treasure Halbower.
i. Granting two Provisioning Center licenses to one corporation would mean other applications would need to be denied. Other applicants were aware that missing meeting would mean application would no longer be considered. Clerk Hippler stated concern over having two provisioning centers operating on the same main road in to Holton.
ii. Roll Call Vote: Clerk Hippler: No Supervisor Jager: Yes Trustee Jager: Yes Treasurer Halbower: Yes. Motion to grant licenses carried.
c. 08280418 Motion made by Trustee Jager made the motion to grant Agri-Med 1 Growing Facility License, 1 Processing Center License, and 1 Provisioning Center License. Second by Treasure Halbower.
i. Concern raised by Supervisor Jager over the size of the parcel and the size of the proposed facility. The footprint of the building can only be 7.5% of the total area. Treasurer Halbower stated site plan would be reviewed by planning commission. Supervisor Jager noted that the owners of the company are local, all their funding is local, and having three provisioning centers would mean competition which would be good for local clients.
ii. Roll Call Vote: Treasurer Halbower: Yes Trustee Jager: Yes Clerk Hippler: Yes Supervisor Jager: Yes
IX. Adjournment
a. 08280518 Trustee Jager made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:17 pm. Second by Treasurer Halbower. Voice Vote: Motion Carried. Meeting Adjourned at 8:17pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Hippler
Clerk, Holton Township

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