Police Department

Please call 911 in an emergency!

1. How do I file a complaint on an Ordinance violation and do I have to give out my name or any other personal information?

ANS: Call the office and ask for the Ordinance Enforcers phone number or leave a message. You do not have to leave your name. Ordinance violations only. If you want to report a crime call the police or dial 911.

2. My neighbor’s dog is frequently in my yard or running around the rest of the neighborhood, and it seems to be barking all the time when it is confined to its own property. What can I do about it?

ANS: Call Vector Control @ (231) 724-6007

3. What is considered to be blight?

ANS: Blight can be anything from old tires lying around, to broken out windows in a home, to rubbish that has sat out for pick-up too long.

4. My fence is on my neighbor’s property. Can they remove it without my permission?

ANS: This is considered a property line dispute and is a private civil matter. The Township cannot get involved in private civil matters. You will need to contact a lawyer.

5. What if I see someone illegally dumping, driving dangerously or committing a crime.

ANS: Call 911

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