Building Department

Building  Department Responsibilities

The Building Department is responsible for maintaining and tracking permits issued for all new construction, alterations, additions, repairs, and demolitions, along with inspecting all building projects to assure compliance with the 2009 Michigan Residential Building Code.


If you want to:

*Erect a dwelling

*Remodel a building

*Build a barn

*Build an accessory building

*Move a building

*Demolish a building

*Divide a lot

*Establish a site plan

*Obtain a special use permit

1. Contact our Zoning Administrator and he will get you started!

2. Contact the appropriate Inspectors for instructions.

3. Contact the Township Secretary to purchase all required permits.



Ordinances and Codes

Holton Township Zoning Ordinance
Michigan building Code

Building Department Informational Links

International Code Council
Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth
Muskegon Drain Commission
Muskegon Health Department
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Building Department Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a building permit cost?

ANS: Call the Township hall @ (231) 821-2168

2. How close to the lot lines can I build a structure?

ANS: It depends on the type of structure you are building and what zoning district your property is located in. Call the Zoning Administrator for further information.

3. I want to replace my roof this year. Do I need a building permit?

ANS: No. Building permits are not required for replacing a roof, windows, or siding. Only when you are changing the actual structure such as roof pitch, trusses, or window and/or door way size. Call the Building Department if ever in doubt.

4. A new home is being built in my neighborhood and I think the owners are living in it while they are building it. Is this allowed?

ANS: No it is not permissible for anyone to live in a newly constructed home that has not been completed and inspected. A final certificate of occupancy must be obtained before anyone may move in or stay overnight.

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