Board Meeting Minutes for January 8, 2013

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance given by all present

Roll Call:  Treasurer Halbower, Supervisor Noble, Clerk Johnson, Trustee Jager, and Trustee Wilson present. 

Add to agenda:  12.3  Performance and Indemnification Resolution

Agenda is set.

Review of minutes:  December 11, 2012

 010113                  Trustee Wilson made the motion to accept the December 11, 2012 minutes as presented.  Trustee Jager seconded. CARRIED.                                                                                           

Review of Bills:

010213                  Trustee Wilson made the motion to pay the bills as presented.  Trustee Jager seconded.  CARRIED.

Business from the Floor:  

Mr. Kurt Jeffries, Lamos Road, Whitehall a Holton School employee spoke about the board helping to assist with bringing more people into the township.

Treasurer’s Report: 

010313                  Trustee Wilson made the motion to accept the treasurers report as presented.  Clerk Johnson seconded.  CARRIED.

Department Reports:  Fire Chief Art Stevens reported total man hours of 339.5 for December.   Expenses for the 206 account were $18,625.59 and it is 44% of budget and 6% under budget.  Expenses for the 216 account were $6,586.92, and  it is 38% of budget. 

Art would like permission to attend the Fire Chief’s Winter Workshop in Midland.  Approximate cost $337.

010413                  Clerk Johnson made the motion to allow Art to attend the Fire Chief’s Winter Workshop in Midland at an approximate cost $337.  Trustee Wilson seconded.  CARRIED.

Correspondence:  None

Unfinished Business:   Holton Township Homestead Poverty Exemptions Guidelines

010513                  Trustee Wilson made the motion to adopt the Homestead Poverty Guidelines.  Clerk Johnson seconded. 

Treasure Halbower questioned the asset test.  After discussion it was decided to eliminate on Page 1 section B. The Asset Test  –  eliminate bullets 2 & 3     Page 2 in the Asset Test  – eliminate #5

Page 2  in the Asset Test  add to # 1 – unless extenuating circumstances. 

Page 2  in the Asset Test  section  – The State of Michigan requires  #3 add  – if required to file.

Page 7  in the second NOTICE – add  – if required to file.

Page 9   #5  add  – if required to file.

Trustee Wilson amended his motion to adopt the Guidelines with corrections.  MOTION CARRIED.

New Business:  Date for Board in-service.  February 12, 2013 was approved for after the meeting.

Committee to work on updating the Camping Ordinance.  Mick would like Don Rohlck to be on it if he is willing.  Tammy Jager volunteered also Mick Noble.

Performance and Indemnification Resolution – this is required by the county for the closing of the road for Holton Days.

010613                  Treasurer Halbower made the motion to approve the Performance and Indemnification Resolution.  Trustee Jager seconded.  ROLL CALL VOTE:  Trustee Wilson – YES, Trustee Jager – YES, Clerk Johnson – YES, Supervisor Noble – YES, Treasurer Halbower – YES.  RESOLUTION ADOPTED.

Motion to Adjourn:

010713                  Trustee Jager made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:073p.m.  Trustee Wilson seconded.  CARRIED.

Respectfully submitted,

Melanie Johnson

Holton Township Clerk

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