Board Meeting Minutes for July 14, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance given by all present.

Roll Call: Trustee Wilson, Clerk Johnson, Supervisor Noble, and Treasurer Halbower present. Trustee Jager absent.

Add to agenda – 12.E Rain suit Marc

12.F Park Commission appointment

Agenda is set.

Review of minutes:

070115                    Trustee Wilson made a motion to accept the May 20, 2015 minutes as presented.   Treasurer Halbower seconded. CARRIED.

070215                    Trustee Wilson made a motion to accept the June 01, 2015 minutes as presented.  Treasurer Halbower seconded. CARRIED.

070315                    Trustee Wilson made a motion to accept the June 16, 2015 minutes as presented.  Treasurer Halbower seconded. CARRIED.

Review of Bills:

070415                    Trustee Wilson made the motion to pay the bills as presented. Treasurer Halbower seconded. CARRIED.

Business from the Floor: Mr. Jeff Lohman, County Commissioner reported that the new jail is scheduled to open

in August and there is a tour coming up.   He also talked about the Quality of Life Renewal which is coming up in

November and asked that we give him any items that we would like on the “wish list”.

Treasurer’s Report:

070515                    Trustee Wilson made the motion to accept the treasurers report as presented. Clerk Johnson seconded. CARRIED.

Department Reports: Art will be in and will report later in the meeting.

No Correspondence: Mick had been in contact with Mr. Hulka and has asked for costs for road repairs on Syers and

3rd street. He has not received costs yet. There is a possibility of some financial help from the school also.

New Business: 

Request for water at DPW building – this would be done by installing a hydrant and hook into the water at the

cemetery main. Bids/materials – Holton Hardware $112.27, Lowes $92.95, Menards $144.92, Home Depot $137.65

070615                    Treasurer Halbower made the motion to purchase the material from Holton Hardware at a cost of $112.27. Trustee Wilson seconded. CARRIED.

Trustee Jager arrived at 7:15

Pay increase for Township Secretary – Mick suggested a .50 cent per hour raise. Angela has been doing an excellent job.

070715                    Trustee Wilson made the motion to increase the secretary pay .50 cents per hour with the new wage being $12 per hour. Clerk Johnson seconded. CARRIED.

Supervisor attendance at Fall MTA Conference September 10-11, 2015.

070815                    Trustee Wilson made the motion to allow Mick to attend the Fall Conference at Boyne Mnt. September 10-11. Trustee Jager seconded. CARRIED.

15 sprinkler heads need replacement at the cemetery – cost is $25.88 each.

070915                    Clerk Johnson made the motion to replace the 15 sprinkler heads at a total cost of $310.56. Trustee Wilson seconded. CARRIED.

Purchase of rain suit for Marc – the current one needs replacement

071015                    Clerk Johnson made the motion to allow Marc to purchase a rain suit at the cost of $47. Trustee Jager seconded. CARRIED.

Fire Chief Stevens arrived and reported man-hours for the month of June total man hours 211 hours.

Expenses for the 206 account were $22,815.80 and is currently 23% under budget. The 216 account had $0 expenses.

Art would like to purchase Auto Crib-It which are stabilizers for vehicles that are on unstable. There are two types and he would like to purchase a set of each – total cost would be $2160.

071115                    Trustee Jager made the motion to allow Art to purchase one set of each of the stabilizer tools.  Trustee Wilson seconded. CARRIED.

Park Commission appointment – Brian Fialek was suggested.

071215                    Clerk Johnson made the motion to appoint Brian Fialek to the Park Commission. Trustee Jager seconded. CARRIED.

We still are need someone to fill the Rental Inspector vacancy.

Bill reported that 9 baskets are set up and ready for Disc Golf.

Motion to Adjourn:

071315                    Trustee Wilson made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:35 p.m. Trustee Jager seconded.  CARRIED.

Respectfully submitted,

Melanie Johnson

Holton Township Clerk

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