Board Meeting Minutes for July 9, 2013

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance given by all.

Roll Call:        Supervisor Noble – here; Trustee Wilson – absent; Clerk Johnson – absent; Treasurer                                 Halbower – here; Trustee Jager – here.

Amendment to Agenda:        12. C.  Discussion on Brickyard Road.  12. D.  Library purchase of drapes and wiring for air conditioner.

Review of Minutes:  June 11, 2013 & June 17, 2013

070113            Treasurer Halbower made a motion to accept the minutes of June 11, 2013 as presented.  Trustee Jager seconded.  CARRIED.

070213            Trustee Jager made a motion to accept the minutes of June 17, 2013 as written.  Treasurer Halbower seconded.  CARRIED.

Review of Bills:

070313            Treasurer Halbower made a motion to pay the bills as presented. Trustee Jager seconded.  CARRIED

Business from the Floor:

Rodney Dial from Holton – Thanking the board for getting some work done on Brickyard Road.

Kurt Jeffries – Whitehall Road – Heard that some experimental work might get done on Brunswick Road. Wondering about it.  Supervisor Noble talked about a conversation 2 weeks ago with the Road Commission and they are working on a plan for Brunswick road.

Amy Brookhouse – Holton Duck Lake Road – Talked about renewed Beautification of Holton. They have volunteers from the churches, school and township. They have set up a Face Book page called HELP (Holton is Everyone’s Little Paradise). Talked about all the people that volunteered and what they have done and will do.  Wanted to know about removing the dead tree at the Post Office.  Supervisor Noble advised calling Postmaster and asking for permission. Amy asked about ownership of the land and building. The land belongs to township the building belongs to an estate which is being handled by a lawyer. The estate has a lease for the land.

Tom West – Holton Duck Lake Road – Question – Why didn’t we participate in the Tire Removal Program? Mr. West mentioned the DEQ.  Supervisor Noble reply that we were not called.  Discussion on the issue Clerk Johnson had received a letter for the DEQ and called them; Clerk Johnson was informed that Holton Township did not qualify for the program.  Supervisor Noble mentioned that he was talking with Whitehall and Cedar Creek on a possible program for tire disposal.

Treasurer’s Report:

070413            Motion made by Trustee Jager to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented. Supervisor Noble seconded.  CARRIED

Department Reports:

Tom West, Planning Commission Chairman: They will be meeting next month to start making changes to the Zoning Ordinances.

Fire Chief Art Stevens reported total man hours for June 2013 were 275 hours.

Expenses for the 206 account were $17,029.89 and ended the fiscal year 25% under budget.

Expenses for the 216 account were $6,462.84 and finished 11% under budget.

Chief Steven’s reported the high amount of man hours was due to the Mutual Aid given to Casnovia Fire Department during the fire at Snapple Apple on M37 and M46.

Correspondence:  None

Unfinished Business:

Camping Ordinance – Supervisor Noble mentioned that we should wait until our full board has a chance to participate in the process.

070513            Motion made by Treasurer Halbower to table the Camping Ordinance. Trustee Jager seconded.  CARRIED

New Business:

070613            Motion made by Treasurer Halbower to accept the Resolution to Establish Dates for Holton Township Board Meetings. Trustee Jager seconded.  ROLL CALL VOTE:   Trustee Wilson – ABSENT, Trustee Jager – YES, Supervisor Noble – YES, TreasurerHalbower – YES, Clerk Johnson – ABSENT.  RESOLUTION PASSES 

070713            Motion made by Treasurer Halbower to accept the Resolution for closing the roads for Holton Days. Trustee Jager seconded.  ROLL CALL VOTE:  Clerk Johnson – ABSENT,  Trustee Jager – YES, Supervisor Noble – YES, Trustee Wilson – ABSENT, Treasurer Halbower – YES.  RESOLUTION PASSES

Brickyard Road Discussion:

Treasurer Halbower was approached by Leon Slater about a possible fix to part of Brickyard Road.  Mr. Slater  could put down asphalt for $800.00 a mile, for a 2 mile stretch of Brickyard Road, would the Holton Township be interested in paying for that.  Discussion was informal – worried about liability for the road. Would the Muskegon County Road Commission (MCRC) even allow it? Could something be worked out with MCRC to let them hire Mr. Slater and we will pay MCRC the $800.00 they pay Mr. Slater.  If township allowed Mr. Slater to go ahead and asphalt 2 miles what about other roads in the Township? What about possible retaliation for the MCRC over Mr. Slater asphalting the road? All board members seemed to want let Mr. Slater fix the road. Consensus was Supervisor Noble will meet with MCRC to see what might be worked out.

Trustee Wilson came in during the discussion – 7:50 p.m.

Discussion on Library purchase of drapes for meeting room and wiring for Air Conditioner.

070813            Motion made by Halbower to allow the Holton Library to purchase drapes for an  approximate cost of $200.00 and to have wiring done at an approximate cost of $175.  Trustee Jager seconded.  CARRIED

070913            Motion made by Treasurer Halbower to adjourn. Trustee Jager seconded.   CARRIED

Adjourned at 8:05 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Tammy Jager

Holton Township Trustee

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