Board Meeting Minutes for March 13, 2012

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance given by all present

In the absence of Clerk Johnson, Trustee Kittel agreed to record minutes of meeting.

Roll Call: Treasurer Halbower, Supervisor Noble, and Trustee Kittel present; Trustee Wilson and Clerk Johnson absent.


Review of minutes of February 14th, 2012 Meeting

030112 Motion made by Treasurer Halbower to accept the minutes for February 14th, 2012 meeting as presented. Trustee Kittel seconded. CARRIED.

Review of Bills:

030212 Motion made by Treasurer Halbower to pay the bills as presented. Trustee Kittel seconded. CARRIED.

Business from the Floor: None

Treasurer’s Report:

030312 Trustee Kittel made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. Supervisor Noble seconded. CARRIED.

Department Reports

Cemetery Julie Vanderboegh reported … Marc has been cleaning up the downed limbs from the trees.
The old ordinance did not allow winter burials from December 1st through April 1st; but the new one does and asked for confirmation from the board members as to whether or not she should allow winter burials. Mick Noble reported that a journal says it is illegal to deny winter burials and recommended Julie make the decision if the weather allows a winter burial.
Marc did a nice job clearing the snow in front of the library.

Fire Department Fire Chief Stevens reported …161 paid and 124 volunteer for a total of 285 man hours for the month of February.
Expenses from the 206 account of $28,305.29 currently 1% under budget after transferring $24,000 into the account to work on the truck. No expenses from the 216 account, at 84% of the budget currently 18% over budget.
Information from the Fire Chief Conference regarding the sale of fireworks. Currently allowed to sell fireworks in a building or tent as long as they have a state license by April 1st, 2012. They don’t recommend making any ordinances to restrict sales to legal days (holidays and one day before/after) because it would be too difficult to enforce. Michigan Fireworks Safety Act requires $1,000 fee for buildings and $400 for tents where fireworks are sold. The retail place must be approved by the Zoning Administrator and must meet safety restrictions but doesn’t need to be sprinkled the first year. Zoning Administrator, Tom West reported a special use permit would be required if fireworks are sold in a tent.
Those purchasing fireworks must shoot them on and have them land on their property.

Planning Commission …Tom West stated no meetings since the last town board meeting. A letter was sent to Attorney Hughes to review the recommended ordinance changes and we are waiting for a reply.

Correspondence … Supervisor Noble reported a request from the Child Abuse Council to hold a “Shake The Can” fund raiser in Holton.

030412 Trustee Kittel made a motion to approve the request from the Child Abuse Council to hold a fund raiser in Holton on 5/5/2012 from 8-12PM Treasurer Halbower seconded. CARRIED.

Unfinished Business … MI Public Act 495 – Fire Insurance Withholding

030512 Treasurer Halbower made a resolution to adopt the 495 PA of 1980 and participate in the Fire Insurance Withholding. Trustee Kittel seconded. Role call vote: Treasurer Halbower: Yes, Supervisor Noble: Yes, Clerk Johnson: Absent, Trustee Kittel: Yes, Trustee Wilson: Absent. RESOLUTION PASSED.

New Business:

1. Request to use Library building for dance classes … Melanie from the Holton Community Center requests use of the library for a Zumba Dance class. Class would meet on Tuesdays from 5 to 5:45 and would be held outside when weather allowed. There would be 4 to 10 participants.

030612 Trustee Kittel made a motion to allow the Holton Community Center to hold Zumba Dance classes in the Library meeting room on Tuesdays from 5 pm to 5:45 pm. Treasurer Halbower seconded. CARRIED.

2. Road Brining for 2012

030712 Treasurer Halbower made a motion to contract with D & B Brining to brine the dirt roads in Holton twice this year at a cost of $390 per mile. Trustee Kittel seconded. CARRIED.

Motion to Adjourn:

030812 Trustee Kittel made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:48 pm. Treasurer Halbower seconded. CARRIED.

Meeting adjourned at 7:48 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Anita Kittel

Holton Township Trustee

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