Board Meeting Minutes – January 10, 2023

Call to order by Supervisor Jager- 7:00 pm

Pledge of Allegiance led by Robert Shirk

Roll Call: Trustee Chris Thompsen Absent, trustee Tammy Jager present, Treasurer Bill Halbower present, Clerk Malinda Pego present, Supervisor Jager present

010123                  Motion to approve December 13 @022 meeting minutes by Tammy support by Bill, All ayes, motion passed.

010223                  Motion to approve payment of bills by Tammy, support by Bill all ayes, motion passed.

No business from the floor.

010323                  Motion to accept Treasurers report by Alan support by Tammy all ayes, motion passed.

Department Reports:

Librarian Julie Vanderboegh presented schedule of upcoming events and noted increase of 11 new memberships in which 7 were children.

Fire Department Ted Hawk, fire department monthly report 38 runs, mutual aid runs-4, and annual report presented.

No correspondences.

No unfinished business.

New Business

010423                  Motion by Tammy to raise burial rates support by Bill as amended. All ayes, motion passed.

010523                  Motion made by Tammy to purchase four fire department gas monitors support by Bill. All ayes, motion passed.

010623                 Motion made by Tammy to discuss group pension plan resolution support by Bill. Discussion ensued, motion and support withdrawn, no action. 

Future Business

Discussion on Permit Fee increases (electrical) to be on next month’s agenda.

Discussion on methane burn off @ digester pits. No action.

Meeting adjourned at 8:01 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Clerk Malinda Pego

Upcoming Events

  • No upcoming events
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