Board Meeting Minutes – November 10, 2020

  • Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Jager at 7:00pm at the Holton Township Hall, 6511 Holton Whitehall Road.
  • Pledge of Allegiance was given by all present.
  • Roll Call of Board Members- Trustee Schroeder-absent, Supervisor Jager-present, Trustee Jager- present, Treasurer Halbower-present, Clerk Hippler- present.
  • Agenda set as presented
  • Review of Minutes
    • 110120 Trustee Jager made a motion to approve the October 13, 2020 Minutes as presented. Second by Treasurer Halbower. CARRIED.
  • Payment of Bills
    • 110220 Trustee Jager made a motion to approve the payment of the October 2020 bills as presented. Second by Treasurer Halbower. CARRIED.
  • Business from the Floor
    • Jack Vanderboegh, 6641 1st Street, HPS School Board Member- Presented Board with letter from HPS Superintendent Bayne regarding potential end to face to face learning at HPS due to increase in COVID 19.  Information is available on the District’s website.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • 110320 Trustee Jager made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented. Second by Clerk Hippler. CARRIED.
  • Department Reports
    • Ordinance- 4-5 open cases currently on going.
    • Zoning and Building- Reports submitted in writing. 14 permits were issued.
    • Fire Department- Pro Med has a number of staff out with COVID 19 and it is reducing their ability to serve the area and increasing wait times. October runs were down but calls have increased in early November. Radios and systems from the 2019 Millage will be going live next summer.
    • Library- Library is open with curbside pick-up.  Julie Vanderboegh has a Zoom Book Club. Winter programs are being finalized and will be available soon.
    • Cemetery- Fall clean-up is going well. Julie Vanderboegh is looking into other possible cemetery management programs but will keep the board informed.
  • Correspondence
    • Joseph McLean presented the Board with his Eagle Scout project. Mr. McLean would like to build benches for the Swenson Memorial Park which currently lacks quality seating for park visitors.  He will be fundraising for materials.  Treasurer Halbower stated that he would be willing to provide materials if Mr. McLean would also like to build benches for the trails at Syers Park.
    • 110420 Trustee Jager made a motion to grant Joseph McLean permission to place 2 benches in the Swenson Memorial Park. Second by Clerk Hippler. CARRIED.
  • Unfinished Business-None
  • New Business
    • 110520 Trustee Jager made a motion to renew the insurance contract with BHS for 1 year.  Second by Treasurer Halbower.  The contract will be up for renewal next year and the township will seek bids.  CARRIED.
    • 110620 Trustee Jager made a motion to change parcels 61-05-023-300-0043-00 and 61-05-023-300-0044-00 from Commercial to Agricultural. Second by Treasurer Halbower. Trustee Jager asked if the notice of the Planning Commission meeting was published and if neighbors were notified.  Yes to both. Roll Call Vote: Trustee Jager-yes, Clerk Hippler-no, Treasurer Halbower-yes, Trustee Schroeder- absent, Supervisor Jager- yes. CARRIED.
    • 110720 Trustee Jager made a motion to approve Treasurer Bill Halbower and Deputy Treasurer Angela Slowik as authorized signers for the Shelby State Bank Perpetual Fund CD. Second by Clerk Hippler. There is approximately $26,000 in the CD and only interest can be spent for the cemetery. Signers have not been an issue for the last 15 years but audit revealed the need to update. Roll Call Vote: Trustee Schroeder-absent, Supervisor Jager- yes, Clerk Hippler- yes, Treasurer Halbower- yes, Trustee Jager- yes. CARRIED.
    • 110820 Supervisor Jager made a motion to pay the Deputy Clerk $15/hour up to 40 hours to train the incoming Clerk. Second by Treasurer Halbower. Roll Call Vote: Supervisor Jager-yes, Treasurer Halbower-yes, Trustee Jager-yes, Clerk Hippler-abstained, Trustee Schroeder-absent. CARRIED.
    • 110920 Trustee Jager made a motion to purchase a laptop for the Clerk up to $1000 including set up. Second by Clerk Hippler.  Matt Henry will set up the laptop so it will be secure for work from home and have a VPN. CARRIED.
    • 111020 Trustee Jager made a motion to approve Fire Policy Updates A-001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, and 007. Second by Clerk Hippler. Chief Hawk stated the policy updates are needed to modernize and streamline the existing policy to fit with new laws.  CARRIED.
    • 111120 Trustee Jager made a motion to allow donation collections at the Township Hall only for past and present employees and board members and board sanctioned service projects.  Second by Treasurer Halbower. CARRIED.
  • Future Business
    • Trustee Jager introduced Malinda Pego who will be serving as the 7th District Commissioner.
    • Supervisor Jager noted a letter was received by Muskegon County Equalization but will need to be reviewed and discussed at a future meeting.
    • Treasurer Halbower stated he has been very happy with the newly hired assessor and believes he will be an asset to the township.
  • Adjournment
    • 111220 Trustee Jager made a motion to adjourn at 7:58 pm. Second by Clerk Hippler. ADJOURNED.

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Hippler

Holton Township Clerk

Unofficial until approved by Board.

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