Board Meeting Minutes for January 10, 2012

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance given by all present

Roll Call:  Treasurer Halbower, Supervisor Noble, Clerk Johnson, Trustee Kittel, and Trustee Wilson present.

Add to agenda:  12.5 Performance and Indemnification Resolution

Agenda is set.

Review of Dec 13 minutes:

010112 Trustee Wilson made the motion to accept the December 13, 2011 minutes as presented.  Trustee            Kittel seconded.  CARRIED.

010212    Trustee Wilson made the motion to accept the December 29, 2011 Special Meeting minutes as            presented.  Trustee Kittel seconded.  CARRIED.

Review of Bills:

010312     Treasurer Halbower made the motion to pay the bills as presented.  Trustee Wilson seconded.             CARRIED.

Business from the Floor: Mr. Alan Jager asked if we were able to get the sale of dog licenses situation settled so that we can again sell them at the township.  Bill said we are able to sell them again, but are still working out a few wrinkles.

Treasurer’s Report:

010412     Trustee Wilson made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented.  Trustee Kittel             seconded. CARRIED.

Department Reports:

Fire Chief Art Stevens reported November total man hours 323.  Expenses for the 206 account are $79,158.19 and it is 1% under budget.  Expenses for the 216 account are $42,826.58 currently 142% of budget., but after the budget amendment from the cashed in CD’s it will be 35%.

Upgrade of Dalton Township Fire Department self-contained breathing apparatus cascade systems (SCBA).

Holton FD has been filling their tanks at Dalton for years at no cost – while Dalton has paid testing costs on the system twice a year.  The system needs upgrading and Holton FD has put money aside to pay for the cost of the changeover at approximate cost of $3500.  Dalton and Holton Fire Departments have worked out the agreement that Holton will pay the changeover costs up to $4000, and Holton FD will have access at any time to fill their on-board system and SCBA bottles.

010512     Trustee Kittel made the motion to authorize Art to pay for the changeover of Dalton’s tanks at a cost of approximately $3500 and Holton will continue to be able to fill their system and bottles for free per their agreement.  Trustee Wilson seconded.  CARRIED.

Permission to attend the Michigan Fire Chief Conference in Midland.  Conference cost $180, and room cost
of $186 for a total cost of $366.00.

010612    Trustee Kittel made the motion to allow Art to attend the Conference in Midland.  Trustee
Wilson seconded.  CARRIED.

Old boat –  the fire department was given an old boat and trailer that needed to be repaired.  They haven’t been able to get it repaired and would like to sell it.

010712     Trustee Kittel made the motion to authorize Art to take sealed bids to sell the boat and
trailer that they were unable to repair.  Trustee Wilson seconded.  CARRIED.

Old radios – Jim Durham from Muskegon Community Communication Services can use the old radios for search and rescues, and the fire department can’t.  He asked if they would be willing to donate them.

010812     Trustee Wilson made the motion that Art will be allowed to donate the radios to MCCS.
Trustee Kittel seconded.  CARRIED.

Modifications to the new truck and cab chassis – the box will come from the old truck, the lighting will be
modified and updated to LED.  The generator will be removed allowing another compartment, among other
modifications.  There are 2 bids to do the modifications:      Emergency Services in Muskegon – $48,486,
Alexis in Illinois – $43,800.  Emergency Services will also take the old chassis and the township will get something from it.

010912    Clerk Johnson made the motion that Art be allowed to cash in CD’s and to use that and
the 206 account to pay for the modifications using the bid from Emergency Services. Trustee Kittel seconded.  CARRIED.

Tom West reported the next meeting is Jan 17 at 7pm with WMRSD, and suggested it be joint with the Township board to give input.

Correspondence: None

Unfinished Business:  None

New Business:

Budget amendment:  Two fire department CD’s were cashed in for $24,509.22 and the budget needs to be amended.

011012     Treasurer Halbower made the motion to increase the 216 account $24,509.22 from cashing in
CD’s.  Trustee Wilson seconded. CARRIED.

Permit fee amendments:  The fees for remodeling and cost of inspections needs to be amended.  Insert under new construction fee per inspecting remodeling $35 this would apply to plumbing, mechanical, and electrical inspections.

011112     Treasurer Halbower made the motion to insert the clause for inspections – $35 for remodeling inspection fee.  Trustee Wilson seconded.  CARRIED.

Secretary position update – We received 70 applications.  Mick has screened to 3 people and will start interviews on Wednesday and Thursday.  Will possibly have someone hired by Wednesday.

Independent contractor agreements:  The contracts have come up for renewal.

011212     Trustee Wilson made the motion for Mick to offer the contracts to Ronald Stitt – Building,
Eugene Lowder – Electrical, Gary Weller – Mechanical, and James Sheridan – Plumbing. Clerk Johnson seconded.  CARRIED.

Performance and Indemnification Resolution:  This resolution is required to be renew each year by the MCRC so that permits can be issued for closing the road for Holton Days.

011312     Trustee Kittel made the motion to renew the Performance and Indemnification Resolution to
the MCRC.  Trustee Wilson seconded.  ROLL CALL VOTE:  Trustee Wilson – YES, Trustee Kittel – YES, Clerk Johnson – YES, Supervisor Noble – Yes, Treasurer Halbower – YES.  RESOLUTION PASSES.

Motion to Adjourn:

011412      Trustee Kittel made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:54 p.m.. Trustee Wilson seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 7:54 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Melanie Johnson

Holton Township Clerk

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