Planning Commission Meeting Minutes – May 16, 2023

Called to order: 7:03 PM
Roll call by Chair Williams: ALL PRESENT
05-16-1 Motion by Board Member Halbower to approve minutes from March & April
meetings. Support by Chair Williams. CARRIED.
05-16-2 Motion by Member Eastling to approve agenda. Support from Chair Williams.
No public comment.
Planning Commission Comments
Vice Chair Monette bring sub committee conversation forward. Board begins discussions on
the areas we can adjust zoning to help more families build within the township. Vice Chair
Monette suggests the southern area of Ewing Rd & West on Holton-Whitehall Rd. Secretary
Coon suggests approaching school to sell a strip of land immediately to the north of Syers Rd
across from the old football stadium to bring families around the school. Coon suggests that
the development of this land would bridge the “down town” area and Syers Park. Member
Halbower endorses the idea and mentions potential for development further West on Syers Rd.
Secretary Coon wonders if more families on the road would encourage the county to extend
the paved area any further.
Chair Williams brings up the need to update the master plan and streamline it. He inquires if
1-2 extra meetings with the community to discuss the master plan and the direction of the
township would be beneficial. The board will review master plan and re-address issue at next
05-16-3 Motion by Chair Williams to approve the 2023-2024 Planning Commission
meeting schedule. Support by Member Eastling. CARRIED.
05-16-4 Motion by Secretary Coon to adjourn meeting. Support by Chair Williams.
Meeting adjourned 7:33 P

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