Town Board Meeting Minutes – May 8, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm and thanked the Fire Chief and department for the use of fire barn.

Roll Call: Trustee Schroeder absent, Treasurer Halbower, Supervisor Jager present, Clerk Johnson absent, Trustee Jager present.

Pledge of Allegiance given by all present.

Agenda is set.

Review of minutes:

050118 Trustee Jager made motion to accept minutes as presented. Treasurer Halbower seconded. CARRIED

Review of Bills:

050218 Trustee Jager made motion to pay the bills as presented. Treasurer Halbower seconded. CARRIED

Business from the floor: Bob Stitt against the Medical Marijuana.

Treasurer’s Report:

050318 Trustee Jager made a motion to accept treasurer’s report as presented. Supervisor Jager seconded. CARRIED

Department Reports: Fire Chief Hawk reported man hours of 491 for April. The 216 account had $11,888.31 expenses and is 19% under budget. The 206 had zero expenses.

Written report on zoning and building permits given to board.

New Business: Little Silver Lake now has 50%. Comments on Little Silver Lake:

Stanley Horness, 7880 West Lake Road, spoke about not being informed.
Anbritt Stengele, 7834 East Lake Road, spoke against and cited Act 188 of 1954. Gave a timeline of events.
Aaron Schwartz, East Lake Road, spoke about pressure from people, spring fed, questioned the petition on the name of lake – Hart Lake.
Wendy Shalifoe, 3588 Hart Road, talked about name of lake and it now shows on newer papers that it is Little Silver Lake was Hart Lake. Has muck and weeds. Good information.
John Predkelis, 7871 East Lake Road, was there when it was cottages and no homes, scientific facts.
Ellen Bisson, East Lake Road, may lose cottage over it.
Thomas Sak, 7970 West Lake Road, Aeration is not proven, DEQ no documentation of it working.
Hillary Sibary, 7931 West Lake Road, property is all woods, 3 year battle, should be square footage they would be paying more in taxes then value.
Ginny Corliss, 7955 East Lake Road, atmosphere has changed there is distrust and fear.
Stanley Horness, 7880 West Lake Road, about muck, no information.
Mike Medema, 3530 Hart Road, went to Sand Lake, provided pictures, need to do something.
Diane Zadel, 7848 West Lake Road, use to be able to take paddle boat out, need to control weeds and take care of lake.
Dan Taylor, 3550 Hart Road, they took care of theirs. Possible to dredge it to get mud and weeds out.
Bruce Andres, 7840 West Lake Road, all for it. Was cottages now homes and they enjoy water. You buy and maintain. They sent out card only 39 responded. Conservation club member – they did a dredging project cost $60,000.00 per year.
Gary Foster, County Commissioner, Wolf Lake, maybe he could work with them to work something out. Would like to meet with them. Thank you.
Chris Medema, 3530 Hart Road, it is a sewer pit, misled, tax bill and skeptical.
Roni Huizenga, 7881 East Lake Road, no more weed harvesting only aeration. Sent out survey, emailed, approximately 30 came back.
Nick Taylor, 3550 Hart Road, communication is not good, older people may not have email or wi-fi.
Dave, West Lake Road, it is a joke, never going to help, use to be nice now hatred.
Roberta Schwartz, 7959 East Lake Road, spoke.
Tammy Loyd, 7807 East Lake Road , they had a moving van, moving to lake, fighting and bickering.
Mike Williams, 7908 West Lake Road, nice lake.
Anbritt Stengele, 7834 East Lake Road, finished reading her timeline. Need to create a common sense decorum.
Ask for more public comment on issue. None, closed public comment on Little Silver Lake.

Board discussion. Only 50% signed. No action taken.

Budget hearing set for May 23, 2018 at 7:00 pm at Holton Township Hall.

050418 Motion made by Treasurer Halbower to increase election inspector’s pay to $10.00 an hour. Supervisor Jager seconded. TABLED

Trustee Jager stated she needed to abstained from voting as she is an election inspector.

050518 Motion made by Trustee Jager to use the Muskegon County Road Commission to brine.
Treasurer Halbower seconded. CARRIED

050618 Motion made by Trustee Jager to reimburse Chief Hawk for entry and millage for Novi trade show. Treasurer Halbower seconded. CARRIED

050718 Motion made by Trustee Jager to send two fire fighters to air pack training for $240.00.
Treasurer Halbower seconded. CARRIED

050818 Motion made by Trustee Jager to buy bunker gear, turn out gear for $8,724.50.
Treasurer Halbower seconded. CARRIED

050918 Motion made by Trustee Jager to send Fire Chief to Fall Leadership Conference, cost of $578.00. Treasurer Halbower seconded. CARRIED

Future Business:

Possibly changing the time frame on ordinance for clean up. There is a process but it takes a long time. Maybe we can speed that time frame up and start to issue tickets. It is a civil infraction process.

Medical Marijuana Policing Ordinance. Supervisor Jager talked about writing it and Treasurer Halbower helping and it was sent to the lawyer. It would require a special use permit, that way it would go to the planning commission. This would allow places such a the hardware to voice concerns about it being to close to them.

Open discussion:

Ms. Fialek, 7742 East Lake Road, against it. Concerned it would be easy to get.
Talked about 100% control and regulated.
Someone spoke that he was not yeah or nay but prohibition died because it didn’t work.
A fire fighter spoke about seeing more dead from Alcohol.
Angel Coon, 6498 3rd Street, medical use and wants a provider that doesn’t use pesticides. Stated that she is not using now as she is pregnant. But, it has been peer reviewed. There are rules for it.
Art Stevens, if financial reasons are the main reason. It will not last.
Ken ?, East Lake Road, it is a moot point.
Someone asked about the states and money.

Discussion on the money and how much it will cost and how much is possible taxes. All but 5 states have some sort of cannabis law and roughly 9 or 10 states have it on their November ballots. Legal in all of Canada.
Some one asked when this would become effective. Some time in July.
Nick Taylor, 3550 Hart Road, is this going to be available to kids and where are they going to get it? Some one answered not near town and someone said that the laws control it from start to finish.

Motion to adjourn:

051018 Motion made by Trustee Jager to adjourn at 9:00 pm. Treasurer Halbower seconded.

Respectfully submitted,
Tammy Jager
Holton Trustee

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