Board Meeting Minutes for July 10, 2012


Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance given by all present 

Roll Call:  Supervisor Noble, Clerk Johnson, and Trustee Wilson present.  Trustee Kittel and Treasurer Halbower absent. 

Add to agenda:  12.2  Camping permit application

Agenda is set.

Review of minutes: 

070112                  Trustee Wilson made the motion to accept the June 12, 2012 minutes as presented.  Supervisor Noble seconded.  CARRIED.


070212                  Trustee Wilson made the motion to approve the June 20, 2012 minutes as written.  Clerk Johnson seconded.  CARRIED.

Review of Bills: 

070312                  Trustee Wilson made the motion to pay the bills as presented.  Supervisor Noble seconded.  CARRIED. 

Business from the Floor:  Mr. Alan Jagar talked about the Brownfield District meeting coming up with the DEQ and suggested the board might like to send a representative.

Treasurer’s Report:  Tabled till next meeting. 

Department Reports: Fire Chief Art Stevens reported June total man hours 272.5.  Expenses for the 206 account were $43,075.61 and it is 91% of budget.  Expenses for the 216 account were $11,700.54 and it is 100% of budget .

Trustee Kittel arrived at 7:08 p.m.

Art would like permission to attend the State Fire Chief Conference in Aug.  for a total cost of $512.27. 

070412                  Trustee Kittel made the motion to allow Art to attend the conference at a cost of $512.27.  Trustee Wilson seconded.  CARRIED.

Planning Commission Chair Tom West reported they are still on schedule working on the Master Plan, and

will submit it to the board for review when the update is finished.

He also reported on the recently held ZBA meeting regarding a variance request for set backs – no ruling

was reached because the survey of the property lines was in question.  It has been postponed for 60 days.

Correspondence:  None

Unfinished Business:   None

New Business:  Cedar Creek Fire Contract:

070512                  Trustee Kittel made the motion to accept the proposed fire contract for Cedar Creek.  Trustee Wilson seconded.  CARRIED.

Camping permit application – there are a couple of proposed adjustments to clarify the application.

Fire ring requirement was removed.  Add in under D.  Third information line – add license number.

Add at bottom of application – signature of applicant, and approved or denied lines, and signature of Township Official lines.

A copy of the application will be sent to the Ordinance Enforcer.

Art suggested giving a copy of the Fire Ordinance with the application.

Tom suggested giving a copy of the application to the Fire Department also for safety issues.

Township Officials  who will approve and sign the application will be the Supervisor, Treasurer, and Clerk.

070612                  Trustee Kittel made the motion to make the proposed changes to the camping permit application.  Trustee Wilson seconded.  CARRIED

Motion to Adjourn:

070712                  Trustee Wilson made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 p.m.  Trustee Kittel seconded.  CARRIED.

Respectfully submitted, 

Melanie Johnson

Holton Township Clerk

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