Planning Commission Meeting Minutes – January 17, 2023

Meeting called to order: 7:05 PM
Roll call by VC Monette: Member Halbower, Present. Member Slater, Present. Secretary
Coon, Present. Member Eastling, Present. Member Fanjoy, Present. VC Monette, Present.
Chair Williams, Not Present.
01-23-1 Motion made by Member Slater to approve November minutes at March
meeting. Support by VC Monette. CARRIED.
01-23-2 Motion made by VC Monette to approve meeting agenda. Support by Secretary
No public comment.
Planning commission comments:
Member Halbower brings up concern about the camping ordinance. VC Monette request to put
on the agenda for march meeting.
Sub committee – nothing to report. Meeting before march meeting.
Commission members received information on training workshops. Discussion on applying.
01-23-3 Motion to adjourn by Secretary Coon. Support by Member Eastling. CARRIED.
Meeting adjourned: 7:15 PM.

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