Planning Commission Special Meeting Minutes – October 30, 2023

Meeting called to order at 7:08pm

This hearing is to change the zoning of parcel number 61-05-033-400-0005-00 (7091 Schow road) From Agricultural to R-4

Roll call: Cheyenne Williams, Tom Monette, Asa Easting, Mike Fanjoy and Bill Halbower Present. Angel Coon and Louis Slater Absent.

10-30-01 Motion made by Asa Easting to approve minutes Seconded by Mike Fanjoy Motion Carried

10-31-02 Motion made by Bill Halbower to approve agenda seconded by Tom Monette Motion Carried

Public comments

Wayne Harris 2337 Northland drive Twin Lake; I want to change what would be the front three parcels after the split to R-4 they are approximately 13.33 acres each and keep the remaining parcel in the back Agricultural. The back parcel is 40 acres and is currently being farmed.

Tom Monette informed him that he could make additional splits at a later date if he changed the entire parcel to R-4 and it would not be an option if left agricultural.

Crystal Smith 5665 Crocker Road; has concerns if the back lot would have an easement, and how much more traffic would be using Crocker Road.

Tom Smith 5665 Crocker Road; Voiced concerns about the condition of the road. Crocker road is not maintained by the county. Any maintenance done on the road is done by him personally. He has enough problems keeping up with the people that vandalize the road. Wayne Harris replied he would be more than happy to work together to maintain the road.

Alan Jager 8081 Holton Duck Lake Road; is against leaving the back parcel of the planned split Agricultural since it is 90% trees. All parcels should be zoned R-4

Joyce Hoolsema 1734 Schow Road; her property is zoned Agricultural and she supports what Mr. Harris is proposing.

Tom Monette: The contiguous agriculture properties are in Cedar Creek Township.

Jeff Harris 6511 Scott Road; Future land use shows this area Agricultural and 3 acres are cleared.

Tom Monette questioned Jeff Harris about the back parcel being homesteaded? Jeff Harris replied yes the intent is to keep it all in the family

Mike Fanjoy asked for clarification on who was in charge of the trust? Jeff Harris replies it is their sibling Rob Harris.

Tom Monette explained why it would be more beneficial to change the entire parcel to R-4 before the split. It will not affect the property taxes, and in the future the back parcel could be split again.

Wayne Harris agreed and changed his request to change the entire 80 acres to R-4.

10-30-03 Cheyenne Williams made the motion that the planning commission recommends that the board change the zoning of the entire parcel to R-4. Seconded by Tom Monette. Motion Carried.

10-30-04 Asa Easting made a motion to adjourn the hearing at 8:00 pm. Seconded by Tom Monette. Motion Carried

Respectfully submitted,

Cheyenne Williams

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