Special Town Board Meeting, October 17, 2023

Call to order 10:00 am by Supervisor Alan Jager
Roll Call by Clerk Malinda Pego all present, Supervisor Alan Jager, Trustee Tammy Jager, Treasurer Bill
Halbower, Trustee Chris Thompsen, Clerk Malinda Pego
Motion 01101723 to go into closed session 10:11 am to discuss legal matter US District Court Case No.
1:23-CV-1043, by Trustee Tammy Jager, supported by Clerk Malinda Pego, all ayes, motion passes.
Motion 02101723 to adjourn closed session at 10:52 am by Treasurer Bill Halbower supported by
Trustee Tammy Jager, all ayes, motion passes.
Motion 03101723 to adjourn at 10:53 am by Trustee Tammy Jager supported by Trustee Chris
Thompsen, motion passes.
Respectfully submitted by Clerk Malinda Pego

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